Our story

We might be fresh out of the box, but we're more than just another tin of paint. Put a team of chemists, designers, decorators and interior-lovers together and the magic really begins...

More about Painthouse

For 25 years, our parent company Polyseam have been creating first-class *industrial decorating products* that are trusted by world-leading suppliers. They're renowned for using intelligent chemistry to make ground-breaking products for the trade - including professional sealants, adhesives and fillers and the most brilliant range of fire retardant paint.

Polyseam have always worked hard to evolve and stay at the cutting-edge of science, and whilst exploring and developing innovative paint for the professionals, they realised it would be really kind (and only fair) to share their clever paint with everyone.

So, with a foot in Nordic roots and renowned as design leaders, they decided to gather up an eclectic team of experts - combining a passion for chemistry, contemporary design and a love of colour - and wrap up all those super skills and clever science into a beautiful, luxury paint - to be delivered straight to your door. Welcome to Painthouse.

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  • Toxin Free
  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Safe
  • Quick Dry