It's a violet, lilac kind of year.

22 August 2018

Beautiful Ultra Violet! Pantone's colour of the year has exploded into fashion and interiors this year, finding itself on front doors, furniture, textiles, accessories, nails, makeup and shoes. But as spring arrived and with summer now on us – it has been little sister lilac that has stolen the limelight – sprawling across pages of magazines, waltzing down the catwalks and painting her way into homes.

Maybe it's that her lightweight, easy going feel is easier to interpret for summer, but either way, be it violet or lilac or even orchid or lavender, purple paint is having a moment in our hearts.

INSERT image of all the purple peg dolls

From Aksel - our deepest ultra violet purple paint to Ines – the palest lavender colour, we've got a round-up of the best of the best. Meet Agnes, Vera, Maia, Penelope, Liv and Aubrey.

Want to sink deep into ultra violet depths? Maia - pictured here with Leif - is a vibrant electric violet blue paint from our Brights capsule and she's full of excitement and fashion flair.

We love this delicious background painted in Vera from our Brights capsule. She's a super bright take on lilac paint – some may even call her orchid. Offset here against coral pink Busby and contrasting with Nikolena and Hudson, she paints an impossibly modern scene.

Oh Liv! Our beautifully blue parma violet paint from our Pastels capsule loves nothing better than to cast enchanted spells and bring a magical calm. She's quite breath taking on large scales such as walls.

Like the idea but can't get past the purple? Try a pinkier pop of Agnes. Not quite a pink, not quite a purple – she's seen centre stage here and is flanked by contrasting Busby and Quinn – giving a playful candy pix and mix that gives a bit of zing.

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