Enhance your interior whilst reducing your energy bills this winter

14 November 2018

Being energy efficient this winter doesn’t mean compromising on style thanks to our colourful collaboration with the UK’s leading DIY shutter company, California Shutters, where they will colour match* their shutters to our lust-worthy debut collection of 72 eye-popping paint colours

If you want energy efficient windows, one of the best things you can do is to install shutters. Around 25-50% of the heat our radiators output is lost through windows. Shutters are incredibly good at keeping warm air in and cold air out with closed wooden shutters ‘acting like double glazing’** which means you can turn your thermostat down, maximize your central heating and dramatically reduce your energy bills.

As well as helping to lower energy bills, installing shutters can add value to your property and makes a serious impression on your interior décor too. Double up on impact by picking one colour for your shutters and walls and committing to it (as shown in our header image). This luxurious feeling colour, Aksel from our Luxe capsule, has star quality that mirrors the night sky and creates drama and adds warmth on these cold wintry nights. And the shutters give a stunning focal point to create depth and dramatic light patterns. 

So it’s a win for your pocket and your décor when you install colourful shutters this winter! For full details of our Painthouse/California Shutters collaboration and limited colour matching service click here.

* Colour matching service for a limited time only


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