Colour Report 2019 – colour focus on BLUE

22 January 2019

From the deep dark inky blue of the midnight sky to the stunning turquoise blue of clear Caribbean waters - with so many fabulous blue hues to choose from, using this colour in your home is a breeze. We’ve totally fallen for colour-loving Zoe Anderson’s blue interior tips from W.A.Green’s Colour Report… dive in and enjoy!

Part four - Blue is often voted as the most popular worldwide colour and is commonly associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and faith. Blue-sky thinking is certainly something that happens when people are surrounded with a blue hue.

It has a calming effect on the mind and body and has also been said to improve health, making it an ideal colour for an office or a relaxing space such as a living room or bedroom. Dark and deep blues represent knowledge, power and integrity and also evoke a sense of luxury and meaning.

Blue interior paint colour for walls, ceilings and wood

Credit: From Painthouse and California Shutters collaboration. Walls and shutters in Aksel

The key colour from Painthouse:

Aria Blue - A young and sprightly cobalt blue paint, she’s a primary colour that brings a crisp alternative to navy.

Zoe says:

“I’ve always had a love affair with midnight blue but have never found a room that can take the full effect. I’d love to use it in a bathroom. One of my favourite hues is the Jardin Majorelle blue as seen at the celebrated gardens in Marrakesh. Blue has the ability to brighten up any dull day but when paired with a bright blue sky it’s something else. There are so many complementary colours including yellow and orange. Accessorising and styling with blue is also really easy and I’d say that it’s a great choice for those that don’t want to stick to a specific colour scheme.”

Credit: Walls in Maia Blue and Skirting in Avery Yellow

Renters Tip:

Try blue accessories in your office for a calming effect or hang blue abstract artwork to add a little luxury!

Credit: Homeware items available to buy at W.A.Green.

  1. Carafe 
  2. Faux hydrangea 
  3. Neolit bowls from 
  4. Abbesses dinnerware from 
  5. Face mobile 
  6. Chouchou stool 
  7. Dinner candles 
  8. Full dose trinket box 
  9. Octopussy cushion 

About W.A.Green

W.A.Green is a design destination dedicated to bringing a curated yet fun edit of luxury homewares to the heart of Shoreditch, London. With an aim to bring a hit of ‘dopamine for the home’ founder Zoë Anderson has curated the store in-line with her belief that like fashion, personal moods and tastes can change with the season. It’s this view that has inspired her to present a continually evolving aesthetic based on evoking feelings of happiness inspired by her travels around Europe and California.

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