What is the best white paint to use?

25 October 2018

White - the perfect contrast to bright colour and a brilliant way to bring balance to your home. Pure white is the total reflection of the full colour spectrum and creates an increased sense of space, but be aware, white paint can be trickier to use than you think! For example, a white paint with blue undertones in a north-facing room can end up looking sterile and chilly, whereas white with yellow undertones in a south-facing room might look more creamy than you intended. So, here’s a breakdown of our cherry-picked whites - chosen so that you can find your perfect shade, be it neutral, cool or warm. It’s just a case of deciding which white is right for you.

Meet Hans

A warm, friendly, marshmallow white. Bright and light, and probably the cheeriest of all our whites. If you’re ever in doubt, see Hans. (Top tip: Paint him on a ceiling and watch your room grow taller.)


Meet Angelica

A cloudy off-white, light enough to whirl away in the breeze. With a hint of grey green undertones that are known to reduce stress and anxiety and clear the mind, Angelica will do well in the glare of sunlight, and will also help to create a tranquil space.


Meet Opal

Milky whipped perfection, a reassuringly warm white paint with yellow undertones. She’ll help to create a warm feel, will bounce light around and will offer a welcoming lift. A great choice for north-facing rooms.


Meet Pixie

The most delicate dusty white paint colour with a soft ethereal feel, Pixie has the faintest hint of grey. Greys are seen as neutral, taking on different tones to create either warm or cool surroundings – so Pixie is a safe bet if you’re feeling unsure.


Meet Ariel

Mystical minty white Ariel reveals blue green tones for a cooler kind of white. Blue tones have been found to lower blood pressure and heart rates, while greens are known to reduce anxiety and clear the mind. She’ll live her best life in a south-facing room, and may feel chilly in a north-facing room.

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