Paint tips for disguising sticky finger prints

5 September 2018

Back to school?! Or off to nursery? It’s that time of year again when parents across the country simultaneously sigh, maybe cry, and then wonder where the summer went. There may be more time to focus on work now, or more of a chance to clear away the toys and actually see some floor space – but either way it’s definitely the perfect time for an autumn preen. Yep – an autumn preen is like a spring clean, but in autumn – using paint!



What better excuse to try out those new colours you were eyeing up, much better than looking at those grubby finger marks that have appeared everywhere. You know, the ones up the stairs, outside the bathroom door, on the kitchen doorframe, the kitchen units, the hallway and around the front door? (How much chocolate from your stash did they actually find anyway?) You’ve got nothing to lose and a beautiful interior to gain. Here’s our low down on some ‘grub friendly colours’ to future proof your walls.



Dive in to the new season with a rich warm colour that will not only bring high impact but will also disguise little finger prints beautifully. This stunning blue wall is painted in Anders – the deepest navy blue colour.



You cannot go wrong with black! Black paint is too often avoided out of fear of it being too imposing, however black is in fact a regressive colour, meaning walls and furniture painted in black will seem to appear further away from than they actually are. So not only can you hide those sticky hand smears, but you can make your room look bigger while you’re at it. Double win.



Why not try your hand at colour blocking, painting the areas with heavy-handed traffic in darker colours - or simply go for a split wall and paint the lower half a darker deeper colour where sticky hands might trail? Our paint is a hard-wearing interior paint with a smooth, matt finish. It needs no primer, no top coat and is easy to apply and is wipeable- so you can say goodbye to sticky finger marks forever!

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  • Near Zero VOC
  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Quick Dry