Our top 5 painting tips and tricks

23 August 2018

Going for a colour combo? If you are painting a cool graphic or a split colour wall, or just painting different colours on different walls, paint the lighter colour first so that it won't matter if you go over the edges. After the lighter section dries, tape off the edges before you paint the darker section so that the darker or brighter paint doesn't bleed onto the lighter one.



Left masking tape on for too long? A blast of warm air from a hair dryer will gently loosen the tape and prevent it sticking to the finish.



Bit clumsy on the application? Remove unwanted paint build up, drips or runs by lightly rolling over the painted area from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. Use very little pressure and make sure there's no extra paint on your roller. 


In the middle of a painting project and you need to take a break? Place the lid back on the paint tin and cover your brushes and rollers and tray in tin foil to keep them from drying out. If it's going to be a long break, then put the brushes in the fridge.



Painting awkward spaces? If you need to paint behind tricky pipes or radiators, sinks or toilet plumbing, use an angled, long reach paintbrush or a narrow radiator roller to paint into the narrow spaces.

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