Decorating tips for first time buyers

24 July 2020

Buying your first home is no doubt one of the most exciting experiences (congratulations!) but it’s also an incredibly stressful and expensive time. We’re here to take some of your stresses away with our top decorating tips for first time home buyers. 

Don’t rush, take your time

Decorating your first home isn’t a race. Although you’ve probably been planning your dream decor since your first successful house viewing, it’s best to live in your home and get to know your space before you reach for your paintbrush. If you rush through decorating, there’s a high chance that a few months down the line, you’ll want to make changes to your home decor. 

Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Take your time and fill your new space with a collection of pieces that you really love. 

Make a plan

Making sure your home is structurally sound, insulated and comfortable to live in should be your first priority. New windows, repairing damage and renovations usually cost the most but are the most important so it’s best to commit to these first. Once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to get to the fun part, decorating! 

Plan what you’d like to do with every room, from renovation work to paint colours to furniture, then work this around your budget. Renovation and decorating work is expensive, especially for a first time buyer, so make a priority list of what you’d like to get done first. We recommend painting your home yourself an easy way to slash costs, here's our top 5 painting tips and tricks. Our paints are also suitable for use on walls, ceilings and wood, saving you time and money as just one paint is needed for your project.

Second hand is just as good as new

Decorating an entire home on a budget can be really difficult. Don’t shy away from shopping around on Gumtree, eBay and Facebook marketplace for second hand pieces. You can easily revamp wooden furniture pieces with a fresh lick of Painthouse paint - including dressing tables, wardrobes, dining chairs and even kitchen cupboards. Second hand furniture helps to add character and a touch of unique-ness to your home, especially if you’re adding your own stamp with new fabric, handles and a touch of paint!

Make your home a reflection of you

We're usually drawn to white walls to start a blank canvas but don’t be afraid of experimenting with colour! Painting with bright colours like yellow, orange and pink, has so many benefits for the mind and well-being, read our blog post for more ideas on how to harness the positive effects of colour here. Sprinkle your own personality around your new space with your favourite wall art, pictures and keepsakes for a personal and homely feel.

For more inspiration and tips and tricks, head over to our Instagram @MyPainthouse or have a read through some of our helpful blog posts.

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