Decorating ideas to use up leftover paint

20 November 2020

Have you found yourself hoarding lots of leftover paint samples for a rainy day? Well, now's the perfect time to dust off those cobwebs, grab a paintbrush and inject some vibrant colour into your home decor! What better way to keep you and your family occupied and active during lockdown than to get stuck in with some colourful DIY...

It's a good idea to keep hold of any unused or hardly used paint samples for future paint projects. Aside from helping you find your perfect colour, paint samples are great for quick furniture renovations, DIY wall art, wall murals and so much more! By reusing your paint samples, you're also minimising waste whilst saving money on materials.


Add some colour with a wall mural

Is your home lacking personality? Bright and colourful wall murals instantly add a unique feel to a room, especially when painted in your favourite shades. Don't hold back on the colour and opt for bold hues like our Grace, Cole, Erin and Bea. If bold and daring isn't your thing, add a feature to your bedroom by painting a statement headboard with a pale shade like Maisie, Lars or Joseph. With Painthouse, there is no limit to your creativity!

Refresh tired doors

Give your doors and doorframes a new lease of life with a fresh lick of Painthouse paint. Our paint is easy to use on wood as our pigment-rich formulation requires fewer coats than other paint brands, saving you time and money. 

Spruce up your hallway with a friendly shade like pink Seren, sunny Avery or bright turquoise Nora for an eye catching hallway. Paler tones also add character when painted on doors, especially when decorating bedrooms where calmer hues work their magic. Achieve pastel perfection with shades like light yellow Toni, lavender Liv and baby blue Albie.


Create your own wall art

It's easy to create your very own wall art to match your colour scheme with your leftover paint samples or tins. Youtube is filled with tutorials on how to paint simple paintings like plants, sunsets and animals, just like this cactus painted with Maisie and Leon following a Brush & Bubbles tutorial. We love how effective it looks! Getting crafty with the little ones is a great way to occupy time and keep active whilst at home in lockdown, plus the whole family can easily get involved.

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