What colour should I paint my home office?

20 May 2020

The unfolding of the global COVID-19 crisis has led to a huge change in everybody’s everyday routine. We fully appreciate how challenging these times are for everyone. The sudden, unexpected switch from working in a bustling office environment to a space in your own home may be hard for you to adjust to. We understand that everybody is trying their best to adapt to the idea of a ‘new normal’ and many may be working from home for the foreseeable future.

It’s important for us to now think about creating supportive spaces in the home to work productively in, whether this be your home office, a nestled corner somewhere in your home or even your kitchen table. We’re here to help you ‘LOVE BEING HOME’ during this unprecedented period and keep you inspired every step of the way!

To develop the right colour scheme for your work space, ask yourself “what would I like to achieve from my working environment?” Maybe you have a high stress job and find yourself needing some extra help to focus the mind? Or maybe you’re a creative that’s struggling to find their expression? Colour appeals to our visual senses and can help to boost our mood and overall well-being. Each individual colour evokes different emotions; understanding their effect on mood and well-being is the key to unlocking the magical effects of colour.


blue kitchen office room


Surrounding yourself with blue hues may help to boost your productivity levels. Shades of brilliant blue help to focus the mind and stimulate thoughts. Try our vivid turquoise Darcey or true sky-blue Hudson for inspiring clear and clever thinking. A fresh, bright blue like Luna will help to refresh a tired mind and give your home office a contemporary look. Softer and paler tones inspire calmness, a whisper of blue Albie or cool Lars influence us to think efficiently and effectively. If your job is often highly stressful, a combination of seascape-inspired, light blues may do a world of good for you mind and your well-being.

Greens are renowned for their ability to relax, rebalance and revive. Colour your mind and home office with tones like fresh Emma, minty Boone or crisp, apple-green Frida, three gorgeously green shades which help you settle down and focus on the tasks at hand. Cool-toned pastels help to soothe frazzled minds, like a-hint-of-mint Ariel or peppermint pastel Joseph. Soft shades are easy on the eyes and help us to re-charge when working longer hours.

If your work requires a creative flare, you may consider opting for exciting oranges like fiery Reggie, flaming hot Bjorn or coral-toned Dylan. A good boost of orange will help to happily lift your spirits and unleash your creative potential. Painting all four walls in a bright shade can be daunting but painting a statement wall feature or highlighting woodwork and furniture can provide the same pick-me-up.


dylan reading room


Uplifting shades of vibrant yellow instantly inject a feeling of confidence into any work space and help us to get our creative juices flowing! Try the super sunny Avery or bold Olando, shades of liquid sunshine that radiate positivity and optimism around the room. Bright yellows can feel like a really bold move; however, their lighter counterparts still have the same magical effects! Try the quietly confident Isaac, khaki-toned Leo or happy-go-lucky Toni for a super-charged work space that inspires and supports imaginative minds.

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