Wear It Live It! Let fashion inspire your interiors this spring

11 February 2019

If you’re into fashion and style it’s very likely that you’re going to care about the way you design and decorate your home. But do you ever go to your wardrobe or look to your favourite fashion brand to inspire and influence your home interior decisions?

Your wardrobe may seem like an odd place to start when you’re looking to redecorate but actually, your home decor is an extension of your personal style so it’s a great place to find out what colours and designs you like.

Just look at these pictures taken at our industry launch event - we asked people to choose their favourite Painthouse Pal colour combos and they all instinctively chose colours that matched their outfits.

‘Bizarre!’ we first thought. But think again and it makes total sense. We are all naturally drawn to certain colours – and if you use this pallet as your guide when redecorating, you are bound to create a colourful home that you truly love. We believe this may be called, ‘inspired living’!

And with London Fashion Week kicking off on the 15th it’s the perfect time to look to fashion for inspiration and new ideas so keep your eyes peeled!

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