The best paint colours for your kitchen

12 June 2020

Kitchens are the heart of the home; it’s where we host dinner parties for friends, teach the little ones how to bake their first cake and enjoy those important Sunday roast dinners! For many families, the day begins in the kitchen, as the most important meal of the day is prepared and enjoyed.

Colour influences how we think and feel, affecting our moods, emotions and overall well-being. Transform your kitchen décor with vibrant colour and create a space that lifts spirits, inspires a passion for food and encourages memorable family time. Adding colour is the best way to change up your kitchen space – no renovations required, all you need is a paintbrush! Painthouse paint is also suitable for use on kitchen cupboards, as well as walls, ceilings and woodwork, so you only need 1 paint for your kitchen project. Here at Painthouse, we make painting simple, easy and enjoyable.

Although a popular colour scheme for kitchens, cool-toned navy blues and blacks are known to suppress hunger. However, the colour red is known for stimulating hunger and is a popular choice for restaurants and takeaways for this reason.

Painting with bright red paint may feel really intimidating, especially if you’re updating an all-white kitchen, so opt for softer reds or more orange-toned hues to create a contemporary colour scheme. Spicy shades of orange like Reggie, Dylan or Bjorn inspire positive energy, helping to set the whole family up for a good day ahead.

Maybe bright colours aren’t your thing? Find your passion for cooking with more neutral, natural hues; alike to cooking spices and earthy foods. Our delicious shades like golden Nala, creamy cappuccino Hazel and slightly terracotta Demi add warmth and depth with ease. Creamy-toned Pearl or yellow-tined Tori are perfect Paintpals for brighter pops of colour in red, yellow and orange, for a friendly and inviting space.

Bright, fresh greens are ideal for kitchen spaces as they remind us of the vibrant colours of food - crisp apples, juicy peppers and creamy avocados. Create a seriously fruity combination with the fresh tones of apple-green Frida, luscious Kamilla or bouncy Emma. Lighter versions of blue, inspired by the sunny skies above, like Luna, Helene or Liv will make a small kitchen look bigger and brighten the space.

Add instant personality and character to tired wooden kitchen cupboards with bright shades like sunny yellow Avery, mint-leaf green Boone or turquoise Nora. Giving your kitchen cupboards a fresh lick of paint is an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new look without having to buy a new kitchen!

Painting with lots of bright colour may feel daunting but small splashes colour provide the same well-being benefits! Simply upcycle unloved wooden home accessories or furniture with pops of colour and scatter them around the room to add visual interest. Add hidden surprises of colour inside cupboard doors and drawers for a unique look in playful shades like flamboyant Ariana, bold Olando, or sea-toned Blake. With Painthouse, there really is no limit to your creativity!

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