Spotlight on Halloween colours

29 October 2019

We’re fast approaching the most spook-tacular celebration of the autumn calendar - Halloween! Beyond pumpkin-carving, candy-giving and trick-or-treating, this is a night that blends imagination, creativity and fun that is eagerly anticipated every year.

But it’s not just about having the most ‘extra’ costume! There’s a certain mystical feel to Halloween that wouldn’t be the same without its signature colours. Below, we outline how to create the signature mood of the celebration in your home, whether that’s for one night only or throughout the whole year.

Orange and black

Traditionally, orange and black are the two main colours associated with Halloween and together they have quite the yin/yang type of relationship: one of them popping a bright glow with fiery, burnt orange, while the other offers a very dark and encompassing contrast. Think Jack-o-lanterns, autumn leaves next to black cats and bats and spiders.

At Painthouse, we recommend using our ever-glowing Bjorn in combo with the pure black and theatrical Cole for the perfect Halloween effect. With our products being safe to use on woods, ceilings and furniture, you can add a Halloween touch to almost all topical decorable accessories to reflect the feel of this ghoulish holiday...

Red and white

Another classic combination for the scary celebrations: red and white. White shades are always an interesting one and can both work to evoke angelic purity but when coupled with something a little more vibrant and shocking, the pale shades can also provide an eery, sinister feel. Red, in contrast, makes us think of vampires and their bloody victims. For a moonlight white in your interiors, opt for Hans and Angelica, while our Magnus and Reggie will give you a fiery and bold red.

Purple and green

These two shades have become popular in the last few years, especially as modern-day witch costumes have become so popular on the list of top Halloween party outfits! The mix also conjures up thoughts of potions and dark magic. Separately, purple is associated with mysticism and supernatural powers, meanwhile, eerie greens can add to a spooky and scary atmosphere outside the home or can make one’s glow-in-the-dark objects pop even more. Use our Aubrey or Aksel for a splash of ultraviolet purple, while Frida and Colby will help you add the ‘fear factor’ to your newly-spookified interiors!

From all of us at Painthouse, have a bewitching Halloween!

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