Paint colours for a small home office

11 November 2020

Working from home can feel challenging at times. That’s why it’s so important to create a dedicated space in your home that you can work from - this may be your spare room, an alcove in your lounge or even the space underneath your stairs. Wherever it may be, it's key to decorate with colours that you enjoy being around. 

Choosing colours for a small space can often be difficult and you may find yourself tempted to paint your workspace white. But unlike the office, you have full control over the appearance of your workspace, so let your creativity run wild! Decorating your work area with paint colours like bright blues, oranges and yellows may help to boost your productivity levels and inspire creativity.

Creating a dedicated space away from your home life will help you to easily switch between ‘work' and ‘home' mode. If you’re restricted for space, section out a work space alcove in your lounge or dining room with a soothing pastel shade like pale blue Lars or green-grey Milo. Soft blues, greens and greys are easy on the eye and bring a sense of calm, which is beneficial if you have a high-stress job.

blue painted wall with plant

Soft, neutral colours like Cirena and hazy Koby feel soothing for the mind as they remind us of the natural environment. Bring the great outside inside and add in splashes of seascape blue Helene, rich green Kamilla and morning sunshine Toni to your neutral colour scheme.

If your small home office space receives lots of natural light, don't hold back, go bold and bright with your colour choice! With more natural light, opt for slighter cooler tones of pink, red, green and purple to balance out the warmness of the sun. If you have a job in a creative field, it’s best to surround yourself with creative colour schemes, so experiment with clashing colour combinations like pastel Piper and bright Frida or sky-blue Luna and pink Erin. One of our fave colour combos is coral Bea and red Magnus!

pink and green painted home office

For days when your spirits are low, simply take one step into your vibrant spare-room-come-office and instantly magic up that home working mojo! Warm and sunny colours like ochre Rufus, red-orange Reggie and terracotta Lisbet help to fire up energy for the day ahead. Bring out the best of these passionate shades with small hints of dramatic black Cole, gravel-grey Alfie and bright white Elvis. Then add in your personal touches, like colourful, motivating wall art, soft furnishings and green plants.

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