Monochrome meets colour pops

22 August 2018

Love the bright colour trend that's taking over fashion and interiors but nervous about taking the plunge? Afraid you'll choose the wrong colour or get the combinations wrong? Dip your toes into the world of colour with tried and tested, uber-cool monochrome and some well-placed colour pops.

Yummy. Just like cake pops, colour pops can give you the sweetest shot of colour without the fear of over indulging.

If you want to start by playing it safe, the easiest way to get the look would be to paint your walls white – try Hans for a really friendly white hue – and then paint a piece of furniture, a door frame or your skirting in one or more of your favourite colours. Style your room with black and white textiles to keep the focus on the colour pops.

Take it up a level by adding a black painted wall or ceiling, or even try black and white colour blocking - Cole and Hans are perfect for the job. Again, paint some or all of your woodwork in a bright pop of colour for the perfect contrast.

Feeling ready for a bigger step into colour? Try the colour blocking trend and go halves. This wall painted half in Leo and half in Hans gives a striking on trend look without being too overpowering. Leave the rest of the room white and accessorize in black and white.

Ok, so it's not the smallest of colour pops, but if you love one colour enough, brave it and go big. By keeping the rest of the room monochrome, you'll not only allow your favourite colour to really shine but you'll also strike that perfect balance and harmony.

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  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Friendly
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