Modern day painted furniture. Say goodbye to shabby chic!

22 August 2018

It used to be that the idea of painting furniture - and the buzz word upcycling - went hand in hand with the term 'shabby chic'. Cue mass scenes of distressed paint finishes, gingham fabric and country kitchen scenes everywhere. But chic doesn't need to be shabby. And a furniture makeover doesn't need to mean hard work. Here this chest of drawers has been given a straight forward but dramatic update with Cole. The clean lines of the white draw knobs keep the look modern and unfussy.

Choosing a bold, bright contemporary colour can make a statement piece of an otherwise mundane bit of furniture. Painting these bunk beds with two coats of Blake has completely brought them to life, making this staple piece of furniture the undeniable star of the room.

Striking and unexpected colour combinations are the key to making painted furniture stand out pieces. This otherwise plain nest of tables has been transformed into a design statement by using contrasting colours, Busby, Agnes and Quinn.

Setting painted furniture against a contrasting background will really draw the eye and give it iconic status. The flat matt paint finish in combination with contemporary colour gives a detailed piece of woodwork that modern edge.

Bench pictured here is in Hudson and the wall and skirting have been painted in Leif.

The beauty of paint is that it can be used to personalise style and bring the finishing touches that tie an entire room together. It's not just about upcycling but about accessorising and styling. These stools painted in Magnus against a wall painted in Bea, are not only bang on trend right now, but could quickly and simply be repainted in a different colour if the mood takes you.

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