Meet Bernay, our in-house Colour Consultant

27 January 2020

What’s your favourite colour? I’m a big fan of the colour orange – it has a twist of fun and a slice of enjoyment and describes how I feel about what I do. I love the fact I was once described as ‘the colour ninja’! 

Most of us understand that softer colours can be relaxing, and bold, vibrant colours energising, but I couldn’t help thinking that there was more to it than that. My background in interior design led me to develop my passion and study of colour.  

I had worked on projects where clients had expressed an interest in the idea of harnessing the effects of colour within their environments, which sparked my curiosity to find out more. When I discovered the science, art and study of Applied Colour Psychology, I knew that I had found the knowledge that I was looking for to add real depth and understanding to my design work.

Colour is an integral part of any design project. It sparks the initial interest that draws us towards a place, a person or a product and connects you to a brand.  It can change our feelings towards an environment and can affect how we behave within our surroundings. From increasing energy and activity, or supporting the ability to rest and restore, we can use colour to improve our mood and sense of well-being. It’s all about how to use colour to influence how we feel and enable us to enjoy our homes and places of work.

My role as a colour consultant puts me in the hugely enjoyable position of helping homeowners, business owners and design professionals to make decisions about colour that combine visual appeal with design function, in addition to using colour to bring benefits to an environment. Another passion of mine is sharing my colour know-how and experience at talks, seminars, workshops and courses to design professionals, students and home decorating enthusiasts, something I’m very much looking forward to sharing with you!

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