Introducing our newest colour, Vale

29 June 2021

Is your home in need of a much needed refresh? It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to updating your home decor. It's sometimes easiest to draw inspiration from the latest colours and trends, so why not try the newest paint colour in the Painthouse Modern Living range? Our Vale is a timeless classic. It's an off-white, linen-esque coloured paint and would fall firmly in the trendy 'greige' section of the colour chart. 

With tones of grey-green, Vale is the perfect choice for smaller spaces like bathrooms, spare bedrooms and living spaces as it widens rooms and heightens ceilings, giving the illusion of a bigger room. It's so versatile and can be styled with a wide range of shades, from blues to blacks to reds. We think it works best with another neutral, like white or a lighter beige like Cirena, then scattered with hints of navy blue like Wyatt. 

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  • Near Zero VOC
  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Quick Dry