How to make a rented home more colourful

6 November 2020

As many colour lovers know, living within the limitations of a rental contract can be difficult. With over one third of UK households renting their home, there are many families simply making do with their ivory painted walls. But even if your landlord says no to painted walls, there are still many things you can with colour to make your rented home feel like yours. 

Here are some of our favourite tips for adding colour and making your rented house feel like a home, no matter how temporary.

First off, check with your landlord to see if there’s any possibility that you can paint your walls a different colour. If you opt for just a feature wall or even painting all four walls in a more toned down shade like our minty Joseph or pastel Arlo, your landlord might give you the green light. A single feature wall or paler tone will be easy for you to paint over before the end of your tenancy but will easily add some character and personality to your rented home. 

If painting the walls is out of the question, add pops of colour to old, unloved furniture with Painthouse paint. Our paint is suitable for use on walls, ceilings and wood so can easily work for all projects! Upcycling old furniture is a great way to keep busy during lockdown but to also give your old furniture a new lease of life! Don’t be afraid of choosing bright shades; go for bold hues like Luna, Erin, Magnus or Reggie for a vibrant colour scheme. 

Picking a neutral coloured sofa or bed is so last year! A brightly coloured sofa will add style to an all-white room and instantly become the main feature. We love this turmeric velvet sofa by Snug Sofa, especially when styled with scatter cushions in pastel rainbow tones. For bedrooms, create a luxurious feel with’s Kooper bed in sapphire blue or give your current bedframe a completely new look with the Flora dusty pink headboard from Oliver Bonas.

Coloured home accessories give the chance to add style and personality to your space. If you’re able to hang things up on your walls, head to Etsy and find some wall art that fits your colour scheme. If you’re restricted by what you can hang on the walls, pick up some old wooden picture frames from a charity shop and give them a fresh lick of Painthouse paint! Throw in some textures with big cushions and patterned throws which create a cosy feel which is essential for the colder months. Changing your curtains, blinds and rugs can have a big effect on how your space feels. On-trend light fittings and lampshades can add a nice pop of colour, especially when placed next to a contrasting colour, like these lampshades next to the wall painted in Anders.

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