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16 October 2020

At Painthouse, we appreciate the anxieties and challenges that everyone is facing due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. As more local restrictions are imposed and our pick-me-ups are put on hold, we need to quickly find comfort and peace in our own homes.

It’s essential during these unprecedented times that we maintain a positive sense of normality and feel energised and inspired when it’s time to work or study. But it’s equally as important to take time out, relax and restore the mind, body and soul.

Colour, mood and well-being are closely linked and each colour has a beneficial effect on how we think, feel and behave. This is known as colour psychology. Colour appeals to our visual senses and by selecting the right interior hues, you can create a happy and healthy home which supports the whole family. We're here to keep you inspired when decorating your home, here's a handy guide on how colours make us feel and where and how to use colour in your home.

red interior door


Renowned for being bright and lively, adding red paint to your space will instantly inject warmth, excitement and energy. Red is a powerful colour with close connotations to excitement but also danger. Some studies have suggested that the colour red can increase adrenaline and metabolism. 

Where and how to use red in your home: Red works best in kitchens and dining spaces as its bright tones are known to stimulate energy and appetite. Brighten up your kitchen walls with our lively Magnus or red-orange Reggie for a modern and fun space that’s guaranteed to energise you for the day ahead.


The friendliest colour on the spectrum! With a strong connection to laughter, sunshine and better days, yellow is both uplifting and optimistic. Happy-go-lucky yellows like Nikolena, Avery and Toni instantly inject a feeling of confidence into any space in the home. Yellow is good for the mind and gives the illusion of a wide room with a high ceiling, opening the space up to create a light and airy feel.

Where and how to use yellow in your home: Yellows like our modern Leo or mustard Rufus are especially effective in hallways and entrance spaces due to their friendly, welcoming effect. 



A mix of vibrant red and sunny yellow, orange is a combination of both shades characteristics. Like red, orange stimulates energy and like yellow, orange is warm and friendly. Known for its fun and creative touch, orange ignites an energetic passion when painted in the home. 

Where and how to use orange in your home: If you have a creative job and you’re working from home, orange is the perfect colour for your home office space. Shades of orange like Leif, Bjorn and Lisbet help to stimulate and inspire creative thoughts. Just what you need when #WFH!


A mix of blue and red, the colour purple has many different personalities. Lighter shades of purple like Liv, Penelope and Arabella let your imagination wander to a relaxing place of true serenity. Whereas brighter, bolder shades of purple like Aksel and Maia are luxurious and feel sophisticated when painted in living areas and bedrooms.

Where and how to use purple in your home: Light and pale versions of purple paint encourage the deepest form of relaxation, ideal for bedrooms and meditation areas. For living rooms and dressing rooms, opt for bolder and darker shades of purple.

wyatt blue lounge


Reminiscent of the sunny skies and crystal clear blue seascapes, the colour blue reminds us of natural elements. Shades of blue are known for their calming effect, with claims of reducing blood pressure and appetite.

Brilliant clear blues like Hudson and Aria will help to stimulate intelligent ideas and focus the mind thanks to their feeling of knowledge and authority. While lighter and softer ones of blue like Lars and Arlo help to create a calming effect and encourage inner reflection.

Where and how to use blue in your home: We recommend lighter and softer shades of blue paint for home office spaces, especially if you have a stressful job. The colour blue also brings spa-like serenity to shower rooms and bathrooms.


Reminding us of the natural environment, green is soothing and calming for the mind and well-being. It represents the five R’s - rest, relax, restore, refresh and revive. Darker shades of green like Sienna feel expensive and create a feeling of tranquility. Fresh and fun, brighter and perkier greens like Emma feel cheery and kind spirited.

Where and how to use green in your home: Thanks to their soothing effect on frazzled minds, greens are ideal for reading rooms, bedrooms and living spaces. If there’s a space in your home for relaxing, it needs some green!

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