Green paint gets the green light in the world of interiors

3 June 2019

Greens are good for you! And the appeal goes way beyond the plate. From fashion to food through to the home, green is fast becoming a trending colour for spring and summer.

Got a painting project or simply feeling stagnant after a long grey winter? Read below on why a splash of green can give your home an instant refresh.

Research shows that colour has a psychological effect on our bodies and wellbeing, with colours able to stimulate or calm, create warm or cool feelings and even increase our appetites. Existing at the centre of the colour spectrum is green, the most restful colour to look at, causing the least amount of eyestrain.

Green is a balancing colour, thought to reduce anxiety, clear our busy minds and create a sense of renewal. As such, it works well in spaces where you want to feel calm, relaxed and be able to think clearly.

But of course, not all greens are created equal, so it’s important to consider the shade depending on the room you want to paint and the effect you wish to evoke.

Earthy greens take inspiration from nature and the world around us, adding a sense of freshness and new life to your walls or furniture. You can tell by the name of our shades; Daisy brings a clean grass green, while Frida is a perfect pea nuance, which pops with a wash of white.

If earthy greens are not your thing, a deep green-blue paint like Nora is a bright and modern alternative. With a vibrant luminescence that works unusually well in both cool, north-facing rooms (which tend to get the morning light and bring out the cooler tones of a colour), as well as bright south-facing rooms (which boast the most amount of warm, natural light), Nora is a versatile, gender-neutral shade that will add excitement to drab walls. Plus, being toxin-free, it’s perfect for children’s bedrooms too.

If a green wall (or four) is a colour too far out of your comfort zone, why not paint a signature piece of furniture, some skirting or a door? The beauty of painted furniture and wood is that it can be used to bring the finishing touches that tie an entire room together - or can be used to create a striking iconic look that you can change as easily as your mood changes.

All of the colours in our Painthouse collection work on walls, ceilings and wood, so you don’t have to worry about buying different finishes!

Still not sure on which shade is for you? Order one of our Painthouse Pals to get an idea of how different they may look in your home. And if you’re unsure about how much you’ll need, simply use our paint calculator.

From rich and sultry, to lively spring tones and cool and modern nuances, we’ve got a range of 15 gorgeous greens to choose from. So no matter your taste or current colour scheme, we’re sure you’ll find the best one for your space.

And when you do, don’t forget to share your projects with us by tagging @mypainthouse! Happy painting!

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