Decorating with green paint

25 June 2021

Are you looking to create a living space that relaxes and refreshes the mind, body and soul? Shades of green are perfect for this as they're a key colour for creating balance. The benefits of the colour green are the 3 R's - rest, relax, restore, refresh and revive. 

Experimenting with a new colour can be daunting, especially if you’re new to colour but we’re here to help inspire you with our favourite green paints and their effects on the mind and body. Our tips will give you the confidence you need to get creative in your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a paintbrush and get stuck in!

Pastel Greens

Soft and gentle, pastel shades of green help to brighten up north facing rooms that receive little sunlight. Both calming and soothing for overworked and tired minds, light greens are restful, allowing you to wind down in the evening after a stressful day. Go for pale Ariel or peppermint Joseph to create a light and airy feel in bedrooms and reading rooms. Still but light but with a hint of grey, Milo and Aleksander are timeless, offering a modern twist on green paint. These shades love to cosy up with other pastel shades like light grey Thor, blush pink Maisie or coral-pink Bea.

Fresh Greens

Lively, bouncy greens like Emma and Freddie help to refresh frazzled minds. Also soft on the eyes but full to the brim with kind spirits, these shades of fresh green are the ideal for a brightening up a little one's bedroom or nursery space. Minty boone and bright Frida feel fun and energetic when it comes to work and play but at night time, their soothing hue feels comforting and calming to the mind and well-being. Fresh greens work well when styled with other vibrant shades like red-orange Reggie, coral-toned Ida and sky-blue Hudson.

Turquoise Greens

Turquoise is made from a mix of blue and green which feels almost sea-like. Our shades like Nora and Blake are mixed with a slightly more green undertone which feels restful and calming when used in bedrooms and reading rooms. Shades of turquoise help to create spa-like serenity in bathrooms, especially in bathrooms which receive lots of natural sunlight. These shades work wonderfully as a backdrop for copper and cast iron bathtubs. 

Forest Greens

Just like a calming walk in open fields, dark forest greens like Sienna and Kamilla are renowned for helping to restore energy. For a luxurious and opulent space, add in other natural elements like dark wood furnishings, splashes of ochre and lots of grassy green plants. Berber soft furnishings in rugs and cushions compliment darker shades of green, plus lots of copper or gold home accessories.

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