Colours to help you sleep

5 March 2020

Believe it or not, you’ll spend about one third of your life in bed so it’s worth paying attention to how comfy your bedroom is. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is conducive to waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Sometimes, our bedroom can be more than just somewhere we go to sleep and then wake up to get dressed for the day - it can be our personal sanctuary to read, study, meditate or relax. But generally, our bedroom is the key place where we want to wind down into a restful slumber and where choosing the right colours can help.

How well do you sleep? Do you wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning?  If you wake up feeling tired, it may be down to the colours that you have around you. Colour can influence how we feel and behave; it affects our moods and emotions, which means that strong or very bright versions of a colour like red which is energising and increases activity, or a strong yellow which can evoke feelings of irritability in some, can be over-stimulating and a visual strain. These effects are usually the very opposite to how we want to feel before we want to go to sleep!

Decorating in a pastel tint or less intense shade of the colour that you like, might help you to fall asleep more easily. Surrounding yourself with cool, understated colours and muted tones will feel very soothing and peaceful. Generally, variations of blue like Albie, a gentle green such as Lars, or the pastel lavender of Liv, will have more of a relaxing effect on the mind, body and soul. Create an oasis of serenity with a calming coastal combination of breezy green Arlo, Thor a cloudy sky grey, misty grey-green Milo and calm contemporary grey-green Aleksander.

The deep inky, blue tone of Anders reminiscent of a midnight sky, will be very restful for the mind, inducing a hypnotic sleep, as will the calm, meditative purple Aksel. Balance a colour scheme using these with a highlighting colour like Isaac, a subtle yellow which, being a complementary colour will add a bit of sparkle and interest. A combination of pale heather-toned Penelope, soft plum-toned Aubrey and putty-purple coloured Arabella make an elegant and soothing scheme for a restful bedroom.

Great ‘snuggle colours’ are soothing pink and peachy tones like Bodhi, Piper or Seren. Whilst a palette of colours such as a hot pink red like Jenson, flamingo orange Dylan, rich coral Busby and blushing coral-pink Bea are a cheeky and warming combination of spicy shades evocative of ‘exotic’, sunny climes and perfect for a more sensual vibe!

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