Colours of the Month: July

3 July 2020

The sun is shining, our communities are slowly beginning to re-open and we're finally starting to get in the mood for Summer. Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that life has felt challenging in many ways. Time's really have been tough, but there is sunshine at the end of this tunnel.

This month we're drawing inspiration from the great outdoors and looking to our gardens for our 'Colours of the Month'. Take a step outside and there you'll see colours bursting to life; take in and admire the vibrant grassy greens, sunny yellows, clear sky blues, pretty pinks, poppy reds and lovely lavenders around you. 

Colour is known for its positive effect on the mind and well-being and these smiley shades are guaranteed to inject a boost of optimism and positivity into your home decor! Now's the time to brighten things up and give your living spaces a brand new look, with a simple fresh lick of Painthouse paint.


Create a relaxing space with Emma, a light and clear, spring green that brings a soothing effect to any room. For a fresh contemporary colour palette in bedrooms, living rooms and reading rooms, pair Emma with our delicate Willow and cool Ariel.


Our happy-go-lucky, fresh and engaging, smile of yellow Toni brings a spring zing to the smallest of rooms! This vibrant and sunny shade offers a friendly welcome in hallways and kitchens when paired with fresh Freddie or orange-toned coral Dylan and Busby.


We dare you to date our very berry pink Erin; she’s flirtatious, audacious, bubbly and fun. What more could you want from your colour crush? Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms; Erin loves to cosy up and cuddle with gravel grey Alfie or pastel Piper for a colour scheme oozing with sass.


A supportive colour for offices and studies, blue shades like Lars help to stimulate ideas and focus the mind. Soft and cool, our pale blue Lars harmonises with other subtle muted tones such as Arlo or Sander to create a space that instantly soothes and relaxes.

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  • Near Zero VOC
  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Quick Dry