Colours for a happy & healthy home

16 September 2020

Colour plays an important part in every home. It’s a powerful tool that affects how we think and feel. More than just an aesthetic, colour can influence our mood, emotions and overall well-being. It’s important to opt for colours that make us feel happy and healthy. With the right interior hues, you can support the emotional and aesthetic needs of everybody in your home.

Painthouse paints are a healthy choice for your home as our special formula contains near-zero VOC, is non-toxic and child and pet-friendly. Unlike other paint brands, our paints won’t aggravate allergies, breathing conditions or asthma, so you can confidently paint your home without breathing in any toxic chemicals. Looking to add a sprinkle of positivity to your home? Here are our favourite ways to incorporate colour for a happy, healthy home.

Hallways are the perfect space to invite yellow paints. The friendly energy of the colour yellow radiates all around, welcoming guests and uplifting the whole family’s spirits. Go bright with fiery Avery or orange-toned Leif for a sunshine-inspired look or opt for more subtle shades like Toni or Tori for a much needed energy boost. Yellow paints also work well in kitchen spaces, especially when matched with spicy shades of orange like Reggie and Bjorn, or bold reds like Magnus.

yellow painted kitchen

Picking the right colour of paint for your living room is always a difficult task, as it’s the most used space in the home. From relaxing after work evenings to snuggle down Sunday’s to hosting parties, living rooms need to be comforting and a reflection of their owner’s personality. 

Warm shades of pink evoke a sense of joy in living rooms as their tones reach out and wrap you in a loving, supportive hug - what more could you want after a long day at the office? The coral-blush tones of Bea and Ida make the perfect colour choice for a space that nurtures well-being and entertains guests. Add in hints of inky Anders to create a luxurious look, or choose forest green Sienna for a contemporary colour clash.

coral pink painted wall with brown hand rail and green plant

Painting with blues and greens brings a feeling of calmness to bedrooms. More subtle versions of these colours could help you to sleep more restfully, so opt for soft and pale shades of blue like Lars, Albie and Liv which are relaxing for the mind and well-being. Their soothing pastel undertones are reminiscent of a warm and hazy morning sky, as the warming summer sun starts to peek through. 

Peaceful greens like sophisticated Sophie and Kamilla are like a peaceful evening walk through nature woodland, reviving and refreshing for tired minds. Wake up on cloud 9 with misty green-grey Milo, who makes a dreamy combination with our suave Aleksander and soft Florence.

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