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28 June 2021

Are you thinking of giving your home decor a colour refresh but struggling to know where to start? Experimenting with different paint colours can feel daunting, especially if you're not confident with colour. At Painthouse, we eat, sleep and breathe colour and we champion the positive benefits it has on our health and well-being. We've put together a guide of which paint colours work well in each room to help inspire you to be more colourful in your own home.

With so many variations of colour at the end of our fingertips, decorating and choosing paint colours has never been more fun. More than that, colour is powerful and can influence our moods, so we are able to choose colours for a mood we want to feel or an activity we'd like to enjoy. With colour, you can create an environment you love and a space you and your family want to live in, which has never been so important.

Living Rooms

Our eyes perceive a surface painted in blue as further away from us than it actually is. It makes rooms living rooms feel large and spacious but also cosy and comforting - the perfect space for winding down in the evening. 

Deeper blues like Aria, Anders and Wyatt feel calming for the mind and body. Whereas brighter blues like Darcey, Luna and Hudson feel refreshing and help to inspire clever ideas, which is ideal if your living space is doubling up as a home office during the pandemic.

Kitchen & Dining Rooms

Warm shades of pink and red are physically stimulating and are also known as the colours of love and romance. They remind us to pay attention to taking care of ourselves and others, which is why they're key colours for family kitchens.

Most family's days begin in the kitchen, sharing stories over breakfast and discussing agendas for the day ahead. Tones like Bea and Magnus feel nurturing, like being wrapped in a big hug of colour, preparing the family for school and work. 


Green is the most restful colour on the spectrum. It's restful for our eyes and re-balancing for our mind and body which is why we recommend choosing a shade of green for your bedroom décor. 

The colour green has restorative effects on our overall well-being, something we could all benefit from during this stressful time. We have over 15 different shades of green in our Modern Living range, including the fresh Freddie, rich verdant Kamilla and grassy-green Kermit.

Kid's Bedrooms & Playrooms

Shades of yellow feel full of lively optimism which is why they're perfect for children's bedrooms and playrooms. Sunny yellow tints help to lift spirits, boost confidence and self-esteem, especially bright tones like Leo, Avery and Olando.

Painting a whole room in yellow can no doubt feel daunting but painting smaller areas like furniture, shelves or even wall art can be just as beneficial. Softer tones like Isaac and Toni can also harness the same benefits, so if you're shy to bright colour, opt for a paler shade. 

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