Colour & well-being: How to harness the positive benefits of colour

29 January 2020

Have you ever walked into a room where all the furniture might be stylish and comfy, the room is well lit and yet something doesn’t feel quite right?

A large part of how we feel about something we look at, what we pick up from a shelf, or how we feel about our surroundings is down to how colour subtly influences our response. We are far more sensitive to colour than you might at first think.

There’s so much more than the understanding that soft colours can be relaxing, and bold, vibrant colours energising!  Many studies have been done to increase our understanding of the relationship between colour and our well-being. So, exactly how does colour affect the environment and which colours are the best to use?

In general, strong, intense and bright colours such as vibrant, coral-tinted Magnus, can be visually exciting and stimulating. Whilst softer, muted tones like heather-purple Aubrey, help to create a calmer atmosphere.

Each individual colour can have a beneficial effect on how we think, feel and behave. A light, clear blue such as Luna would feel like a breath of fresh air, clearing the mind. Its positive benefits will enhance a study, bathroom or bedroom. Try the soft Parma-violet tone of Liv to create a soothing oasis of serenity.

The colour green has restorative effects on our overall well-being. Surround yourself with the lush, verdant shade of Kamilla to re-balance mind, body and soul. Revitalize with bouncy, fresh green Emma. Or, bring the outdoors in with hints of fresh, grass-green Kermit.

Red and orange colours create feelings of warmth and energy. Vibrant and bright shades are energising and activating, they motivate us to get going. Add a cosy warmth in your dining room or lounge with rich fiery red-orange Bjorn or invoke an ambience of rustic comfort with Lisbet, a rich, coppery terracotta shade.

Like a glorious sunny day filled with optimism, the colour yellow can feel uplifting. Paint furniture, shelves or cupboards in your kitchen with extrovert and cheerful Avery - guaranteed to raise a smile! if yellow seems a bit gregarious for you, the good news is that lighter tints of a colour still have the same beneficial effects. Try a softer tone such as the quietly confident Isaac.

Often described as the colour of love and romance, pink soothes our bodies and reminds us to pay attention to take care of our self and others. Wrap yourself in a nurturing cuddle of colour with the gentle blush-pink Piper or enjoy a raspberry crush squeeze of lively Taylor to perk up your bathroom or bedroom.

Purple or violet colours exude quality and help to transport our awareness into a state of quiet contemplation. Induce dream-like vibes with lighter tones such as the ethereal Penelope, or a wisp of a soft lavender colour such as Arabella.

Some colours fall in between being not quite one thing or another; turquoise or teal colours fall into this category. Not quite blue and not quite green, these aquatic colours transport us to tropical climes and sparkling seas and are reviving for the body and mind. Restore vitality with vivid Darcey, or dive into the freshness of Blake.

With so many different variations of colour at our fingertips, decorating and choosing colour can be much more fun. More than that, we can harness the benefits of colour to support a mood we want to feel, or an activity that we enjoy. With colour, you can create the environment you love and the space you want to live in.

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