Choosing the perfect white paint for your space

25 September 2020

Choosing the right shade of white paint for your room can be an overwhelming task. From creamy off-whites to slightly pale grey whites, the range of undertones and shades available is endless. But each undertone brings a different look and feel to a space. 

White paints are an essential in every home. They look clean, fresh and give the illusion of a bigger room. They also go with nearly every other paint available and if you’re cautious of bright colours, white walls are the perfect place to start experimenting as you can add in accents of brighter tones like orange, pink or yellow. 

Here are some of our top tips for choosing the right white paint for your room. Whether it's a small bathroom with lots of light or a dark north-facing living room, our range of brilliant and off-whites are guaranteed to add brightness to your space.

turquoise bunkbed

Light-filled rooms 

Brilliant whites are ideal for smaller spaces which receive a lot of light throughout the day. Devoid of all colour pigments, brilliant white paints reflect light all around the room, even in dark, shadowy corners. Especially great in loft conversions with velux windows or small bathrooms, neutral whites add a clean and fresh feel.

Clear and bright, Elvis is a seriously cool white with an unusual depth that adds definition and contrast to any space. The ideal backdrop for bouncing brighter shades like Reggie or Boone from, Elvis is as versatile as they get and will brighten up hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms… And pretty much anywhere else! Although slightly warmer, Pixie’s black undertones make her the perfect neutral white.

white painted kitchen with wooden table

North-facing rooms

North-facing rooms see very little sunlight. Warmer toned whites are ideal for these spaces as they balance out cold light. Warm whites have more yellow undertones and give a cosy and homely feel to living rooms, bedrooms and relaxation rooms. 

For rooms with lots of dark wood furnishings, opt for a rustic off-white like Opal. Gentle with a slight hint of red-orange, Opal compliments smaller, darker spaces with her traditional charm. If Opal is a little too warm for you, turn it down a notch with our brighter white, Hans. Bright but not stark, Hans is like a soft marshmallow with the smallest hint of red. 

light grey painted room with futon

South-facing rooms

South-facing rooms are lucky enough to see sunlight for most of the day. Crisp, fresh cool-toned whites like Kjetil and Misty revel in the sun’s warm rays, bouncing light from wall to wall. Cool-toned whites help to counteract the yellowness of the warm sunlight with their blue undertones. With a slight hint of mint green, our Ariel adds a fresh zing to living rooms. Style with modern furnishings in bright whites, light wood and light greys for a really cool and contemporary colour combo.

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