Calming paint colours for a stress-free home

17 July 2020

Whether it's your bedroom, a corner of your lounge or even a reading room, it’s important to have a personal sanctuary inside your home; a place you can go to for a moment of true peace, to unwind and relax and make time for you. Colour influences how we think and feel. Painting your peaceful sanctuary in supportive colours like blue, green and purple can provide positive benefits for your mind and overall well-being. Try one of our top 4 calming paint colours for a seriously soothing space, oozing with zen!


Evoke the sunny skies and blue seascapes of a Greek holiday island with our soothing shades of brilliant blue. Just like a rejuvenating trip to the beach, our blue paints provide a sense of calm and clarity; clear blues help to stimulate ideas and focus the mind. While, softer and lighter versions of blue create a calming effect and encourage reflection. Many studies suggest that blues help to reduce stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure and help you to sleep.

Dive in deep with our evocative and hypnotic Aria, a rich bold blue that brings a relaxing effect to any room. Peaceful and soothing, shades like Helene, Hudson and Luna are reminiscent of clear blue skies on a sunny day. 


The colour green is renowned to help restore energy, and rebalance the mind and soul. Nature does wonders for our mental health and well-being; imagine a calming walk in open fields, or sitting under a tree in the soothing quiet of a woodland forest. 

Reminding us of the natural environment, deep greens like Sienna and Leon feel restorative in living rooms, bedrooms and meditation areas. Soft and airy shades like delicate Hope, hint-of-mint Ariel and peppermint pastel Joseph bring a sense of calm to any space. 


Contained and calm, the stunning spectrum of purple encourages the deepest form of relaxation thanks to its soothing blue undertones. We think purples are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and reading rooms. Go for rich lavender shades like bold Maia or modern Grace to create a restful space you can retreat to for some you time.


Our sophisticated contemporary neutrals help rooms to feel bright and airy, bouncing light from wall to wall, lifting spirits and reviving tired minds. Warm shades like Noah, Pearl or Kiara channel the feelings of exotic sandy beaches with the enveloping Summer sun, allowing us to truly unwind and find our inner peace. 

Our contemporary neutrals are also available with a fire-retardant paint option, designed to protect against the spread of fire and to help safeguard your home and family. Learn more here.

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