Calming colours for children's bedrooms

21 May 2021

Choosing the right paint colours for little one's room can be a difficult task but we're here to make the process much easier! With so many colour options to pick from, it's hard to decide whether to go for loud and bright colours or to opt for something softer and calming, like pastels shades. For more inspiration for your child's bedroom, check out our other blog posts

Colour is a powerful tool and different colours trigger different emotional reactions in individuals - for example, red is an exciting colour but green is known to be relaxing for the mind and body. If you'd like to learn more about the magical effects of colour, our blog contains lots of information on colours and the effects.

It's important to pay special attention when picking colours for your children's room as we want this to be a place they can go to relax. Whilst we usually associate bright colours with children, it's essential to remember that sleep is the main function for their bedroom. As much as we love loud and bright colours here at Painthouse, we recommend painting little one's rooms, nurseries or play areas in toned down, pastel shades as brighter colours can be over-stimulating for a bedroom which is a place we would like children to be calm and restful. More diluted colours like our parma violet Liv, warm coral Bea and green-grey Milo have less stimulating effects but also inject a boost of vibant colour.

Our colours are the perfect option for your child's bedrooms or nursery as our formula contain none of the nasty chemicals which are found in mainstream paints. This means that our paints leave no lingering paint smell and don't release harmful chemicals into the air - our paints also won't aggravate breathing conditions, allergies or asthma. When your little one's make a mess or leave sticky handprints on the wall, you can simply use a damp cloth to clean your walls! To learn more about the benefits of Painthouse paint, head to our What Makes Painthouse Unique? page. 

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