Brighten up Easter with Painthouse

27 March 2019

Spring is definitely in the air…with Easter and a long Bank holiday weekend just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for new projects and rejuvenation. Whether you plan to jump into spring with some fresher than fresh decorating, or just a splash of colour on your skirting or a complete room transformation, our easy to apply, quick-dry paint means it needn’t be a time-consuming chore!

Painthouse paints are all toxin-free and touch dry in just 30 mins, and being water based, it is super quick to clean up, so you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your handy work as soon as it’s dry. Read on for some more tips, tricks and time-saving ideas.

Love a bit of bright colour but don’t want to go overboard? Afraid you’ll choose the wrong shade or get the combinations wrong? Dip your toes into colour without risking an expensive mistake with some time-saving colour pops. This skirting painted in crisp English seaside Helene delivers a refreshing dose of Spring colour and creates an impact that is super easy to achieve. You can read more about how to paint different surfaces here:

Bathroom painted in Painthouse Pastels Joseph  

You don’t need to have a mansion to make a grand impression. Sometimes the smallest rooms can have the biggest impact and are often the places we feel most confident about trying new things in. A bank holiday weekend is the ideal time to have some fun decorating those smaller spaces, and if you plan and prepare well you’ll have it done in no time. You can read more about how to prepare a room for painting here.

Another space that often gets neglected or left till last is the hallway, landing or stairwell – yet it is one of the spaces that is frequented and seen the most! Why not use the Easter break to give the wall behind the stairs a lift, or your entrance a better first impression! Sometimes just one wall is all it takes to change the overall effect. If this is your first go at painting yourself, trying one wall is a great way to build confidence. You can read more about how to paint a room here.

Feeling like Spring might be the time ready for a brighter step into colour? Try the colour-blocking trend and go halves on time and possibly expense! (If your room is already white you’re onto a winner!) This wall painted half in Leo and half in Hans gives a striking on trend look without being too overpowering – and looks absolutely wonderful in a kid’s bedroom too. You can get some time-saving tips and tricks including how to achieve this colour blocking method here:

So whatever project you decide to embark on this Easter, have some fun - and then have some more fun. You can order all of our Painthouse colours here online for delivery straight to your door. Painthouse paint makes for an easy-going and simple project this Easter, all you need to do now is choose your favourite colours…

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