Autumnal Colours

30 September 2019


Is it that time again of year already!?

Summer 2019 has gone by in a flash and those early morning school runs are swiftly approaching.

The start of the academic year means new beginnings for everyone. And what a better way to kick-start the new term than repainting your child’s room or playroom with  fresh and lively colour, to help make those early starts a little brighter?

From mustard yellows to fuchsia pinks, here at Painthouse we have an extensive range of carefully formulated shades to completely transform and re-energise any space.

Given that colour has been psychologically proven to affect our mood and the way we think, we have specifically developed a range of motivating and vitalising shades to help boost your family’s mood from the minute you all wake up.

We believe in the importance of creating cheerful and positive environments for people of any age through the use of colour. So, why not celebrate the start of the new term by adding some of our energising shades? Below, we highlight three of our best-sellers - Dylan, Erin and Boone: each of them is perfect for keeping the start of term motivation at a high!


Colour Focus: Dylan

Dylan Colour

Let’s take a look at our coral shade Dylan. With its orange-peachy tones, it is a wonderfully refreshing colour that brings a feeling of joyfulness and energy to any room. Like all Painthouse shades, Dylan is also incredibly versatile - whether used just for a statement wall or the entire room, this calming coral evokes a sense of warmth and cosiness whilst sending out happy and positive vibes.


Colour Focus: Erin

Erin Statement Wall

Looking to revive your child’s room with a burst of colour? Erin is our bubbly, berry pink paint that brings surprise to boring walls and furniture. It’s full of personality and has the potential to transform a room with a single brush stroke!

We recommend using our Erin shade for a statement wall or piece of furniture, and pairing it with a fresher colour such as Lars or Arlo to maintain brightness in the room.


Colour Focus: Boone

Boone Bedroom

Our gloriously-green shade Boone is perfect for adding a sense of freshness into monotone rooms. This vivid, happy paint is totally charming and can work in practically any space.

We suggest pairing it with a crisp, white shade such as Pixie and a patterned bedding set (as pictured above), to create a fabulous contrast which re-energises the room completely.


Why choose Painthouse for the job?

1)    Our quick-drying paint means you won’t have to worry about relocating your child to a different room for the night. The job can be finished before the school bell rings!

2)    Our low-odour & emission-free paint means the shades are completely child-friendly, meaning no headaches from strong smells or breathing in any badness. You can redecorate without the fear of aggravating allergies, asthma or other breathing-related conditions.

3)    Our durable, wipeable paint means you don’t need to worry about those inevitable, accidental spillages that ruined your last wall.


Feeling inspired already? Don’t forget to show us your creations by tagging us on Instagram at @mypainthouse! And for all things colour, subscribe to our newsletter.

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