#PainthousePals: The Style Pad talks renovating, recycling and DIY secrets

1 October 2019

Watch any of her vlogs and you would be able to tell that Louise Horton is a natural in front of the camera. Her 10-year experience as an actress serves her well now that she has moved to sharing interior design secrets with her followers through videos and articles. “As I’ve got a little bit older and started thinking about settling down, I developed this passion for interior design. Just about a year ago thought, “Why don’t I just start my own thing?”. I thought I'd branch out into the interiors world, and started The Style Pad - an interior design service that also includes YouTube videos and my blog.”

We caught up with the newly-wed interior stylist to chat all things decor, DIY and paint (of course).

You have a passion for interiors, especially getting furniture and accessories and sourcing them up. We’d love to hear more!

I absolutely love interiors, and working out ways to either upcycle them or create my own furniture and accessories that mimic the expensive things you’d find in shops. I discovered Painthouse because I chose to do a desk - I got it from eBay and decided to paint it in a lovely, light, pinky-peachy colour, for which Painthouse’s Eddie was perfect for!

This was the first time I’ve used Painthouse. I really liked it and definitely plan to use the shades for future upcycling projects. Hopefully, some of that will go on the walls as well! It’s near zero VOC, so it's perfect for potential children rooms.

What about Painthouse stood out for you?

I fell in love with the pastel range that you do. Pastels are my favourite, and I loved the shades!  I was quite surprised at how good the coverage was. I used a light colour to paint onto quite a dark wood, so I thought I’d have to do three or four coats to completely cover it. But actually, one coat really transformed it! I only did a second coat for good luck. It was a really smooth process.

What is your favourite DIY hack?

One of my dreams is to do a studio space and turn it into a kitchen, a  dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, like the whole lot, just using the space effectively. I love optimising the resources I have in creative ways. I did a YouTube video where I do a little five-minute hack that involves painting glass, including bottles, jars and vases - it’s really a super easy, affordable and quick way of updating your glassware. Simply by using paint you can turn them into moren, cute accessories.

What would your advice be to people who want to renovate on a budget?

I can’t stress recycling enough! People are always going and buying things brand new, but charity shops are amazing. You can really easily update things from charity shops and online sites. Also, if something doesn't suit you at first, you can always adapt it to fit your space. Just recycle everything you can because things have multiple uses.

Another piece of advice that my hubby and I are saying all the time is when you’re doing a home renovation, measure twice, cut once. There's always some dodgy measuring going on!

Do you personally have any deal breakers when it comes to styling and interior design?

I don't think so! I think the possibilities for designing a space are endless. Every idea is a good idea, or something that you should try. There are always going to be mistakes but that's how you learn for the next room and the next space you do. And you never know; you might take a risk that turns into this genius design that people then want to copy! I just think you’ve got to take risks and go for it. Experiment and go with your own style!

Have you used Painthouse for your creative projects? We love putting the spotlight on our community and hearing your feedback. If you think that your story belongs on our blog, slide into our DMs and tell us more on Instagram at @mypainthouse.

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  • Near Zero VOC
  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Quick Dry