How to use colourful paint in your home: 5 starter steps

25 February 2019

With spring around the corner, February is a great time to start thinking about updating your home décor. Here, our 5 simple starter steps offer a fresh look at how to add colourful paint to your home with confidence, with tips that may lead you to unexpected places – like your wardrobe! 

Find Your Inspiration– take a step back and think about how you choose colour. Look to your wardrobe at the colours you like to wear, and if it’s not obvious try organising your clothes by colour and you’ll clearly see your favourites. 

Look back at pictures to see which outfits you loved the most. Which colours do you wear a lot and what colour combos worked well together?  

How do you wear colour? Do you combine bold block colours or do you prefer to use one colour and accessorize with colour-pops? Dress your home as you would yourself. 

And with London Fashion Week in February, it’s the perfect time to get inspired by what your favourite fashion brands are bringing out this SS19. 

Image: Let your wardrobe inspire your interior colour choices

Start Small - use the downstairs loo, an area in the hall, stairs or the landing. An area you pass through is perfect to create a ‘repeat first impression’, hopefully giving you a pleasant surprise each time. And the smaller the area, the easier it is to change it. Once you’ve nailed your colours and look, you can move onto bigger rooms. 

Experiment– try introducing colour in unexpected places. A plain wall with coloured skirting and door frames keeps it subtle whilst bringing a clean pop of colour to your interiors. A stunning finish without the huge commitment.  


Have Fun with Furniture– painting a wooden side-table, bedside cabinet or stool is an ideal way to experiment with different colours and combos.  It allows you to be bright and bold on a smaller scale and may give you the confidence to try it on your walls. 

Image: Stools in Ida and Daisy, expertly painted by Emily Murray from The Pink House

Colour-blocking– colour blocking is the pairing of two or three different colours to make a bold, graphic statement. If this appeals but you’re not ready to fully commit, then try pairing a bright colour with a neutral. A kid’s bedroom is an ideal room to start as you can be fun and playful. Or try a spare room or study to experiment with colour-blocking. You could even buy a big blank canvas to paint – and then move the canvas from room to room to see where it works. 

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