How to paint furniture with our in-house Colour Psychologist, Bernay

5 June 2020

Painting unloved home accessories or wooden furniture in vibrant colours instantly injects personality and character into home décor. There are so many benefits to revamping old furniture; it saves money, it’s better for the environment and you will have a unique piece that nobody else has! It’s also a great way to get the little ones involved and keep them active and occupied.

If you find large amounts of bright colour on walls daunting, painting pops of colour on old furniture or home accessories is an ideal solution to brightening your interior. Painthouse interior emulsion colours are suitable for use on walls, ceilings and wood, so only 1 paint is needed for all of your home renovation projects!

Our in-house Colour Psychologist, Bernay Laity has used the extra time at home during this period, to give her bedroom furniture a new look with our vibrant coral shades: Dylan, Ida, Bea and Chloe. Together with Bernay’s helpful tips, we’ve set out an easy, step by step guide for you to follow to get the best finish for your project.

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before furniture painting chest of drawers and cupboard

Step 1

Prepping the surface is vital to ensuring the best finish for your painted furniture! Clean the surface to remove any dirt, debris and grease prior to giving the surface a good sand. If you are painting a pre-painted surface, make sure to sand away any flaking paint or surface debris.

Bernay painted over a melamine surface that has previously been painted and also covered with paper. The doors and drawers were scuffed and slightly damaged in places so using a light filler, imperfections were filled in, followed by more light sanding. This helps to give a smooth finish for the paint.

Step 2

Bernay then painted over the drawer fronts and cupboard doors sing a stain blocking primer and undercoat. Specialist stain blocking undercoats help to cover intense colours as well as any patterns. It helps to create a good blank canvas for a new coat of paint, without any previous colour or pattern showing through. 

Painthouse top tip: On pre-painted furniture, we recommend using a primer to ensure correct adhesion and a smooth finish. Unfinished wood can sometimes be painted on without a primer however, we recommend testing a small area of the surface to make sure the paint adheres correctly to the surface. If you find that your surface is too absorbent, we recommend using a proprietary wood primer, knot sealer or stain blocker before painting with your chosen colour.

painting furniture chest of drawers and cupboard

Step 3 

Bernay wanted to create a simple graduated effect with the 4 colours, starting with the most intense colour, Dylan, then using Ida, Bea and Chloe. The furniture is in the darkest part of the bedroom, so graduating the colours on the wardrobe from the darkest or most intense colour nearest to the natural light, to the lightest colour, Chloe, nearest the wall to reflect more light. 

When the undercoat had dried, Bernay began with the first colour, Dylan a vibrant coral-orange, on the bottom drawer and end panel of the wardrobe. Bernay chose a small foam decorating roller to apply the paint as rollers can give a more even surface finish than coating with a brush.

Step 4

The next was a coat of warm coral Ida on the next drawer and wardrobe door, followed by a coat of coral-blush Bea. Then finally finishing with a coat of hint-of-peach Chloe on the final top drawer-front top surface of the chest of drawers and last wardrobe door.

Step 5

When the first coats of paint were dry, Bernay repeated another coat for each colour. In less than a day’s work, a super-quick bedroom furniture make-over! 

Painthouse tip: We recommend leaving the paint to dry for a minimum of 2 hours before applying a second coat.


pink chest of drawers and wardrobe makeover

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