How to paint ceilings

30 July 2020

Your ceiling roughly makes up around 1/5th of your room but how often do you give your ceiling some TLC? Simply applying a fresh lick of white paint to ceilings will instantly brighten and freshen, giving the illusion of a taller ceiling. Or be bold and go for a splash of colour, like blush pink or forest green; carrying your wall colour up onto the ceiling can give a cosy and enveloping feel to your room. As painting ceilings tends to be the messiest and trickiest job, it’s best to start with your ceiling first. Here’s our handy guide on how you can achieve the best paint finish for your ceiling!

1. It’s all about the prep! Remove all furniture from the room you’re painting and ensure your floor is adequately covered with a sheet to avoid any paint marks.

2. Make sure you give your ceiling a really good clean! Remove old cobwebs and debris, give any uneven surfaces a quick sand then wipe down the area to remove dust.

3. Tape around cornices, edges, spotlights and light features prior to painting.

4. Just like walls, start to cut in around edges with a paintbrush to the areas where your roller won’t reach with a steady hand. Creating a border around the edges helps to provide an even finish, you only need a little bit of paint on your brush to avoid dripping.

Painthouse tip: Take your time here, concentration is needed! Straight and even edges give a professional finish to your paint job.

5. Grab your extension pole and roll your roller into your paint, try to avoid overloading your roller to avoid any paint splashes! Apply your paint all over your ceiling, ensuring the coverage is even all over (nobody wants a patchy ceiling.)

6. Now it’s time for a break... Open up all windows and doors to keep the room well ventilated and grab yourself a cup of tea. If your ceiling requires two coats, please wait at least 2 hours for the first coat to dry properly before applying another coat of paint.

7. Apply a second coat, just like step 5 until your ceiling is completely and evenly covered.

8. Let your ceiling dry slightly and remove all masking tape before the final coat has completely dried.

Painthouse tip: Peeling masking tape when slightly damp ensures that no paint pulls away with the tape.

9. And you’re done! Remove your dust sheets and give your brushes a good clean with warm water. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your newly painted ceiling.

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