How to make small rooms look bigger with paint

18 June 2020

The colour of your walls can have a massive impact on how big or small a room feels. When decorating a smaller room, we naturally tend to be drawn to white paint but painting all four walls in white can lead to a dull looking room with little personality. Go bold with your paint colours and bring your smallest rooms to life with our inspiring home décor tips.

Step out of your comfort zone and opt for brighter shades that instantly add personality and character, drawing attention away from the size and shape of the room. Warm and inviting paint colours like flame-orange Bjorn, flirtatious Jenson or coral-toned Busby help to add visual interest and capture attention. Bring the bright Summer sunshine inside by painting your walls with vibrant yellows like our happy-go-luck Toni, pastel Isaac or mustard-toned Nikolena.

A popular paint choice for many thanks to its versatility; a warm hug of blush pink can instantly brighten the smallest of spaces. Pink hues come alive with the sunset so they’re an ideal choice for west-facing rooms. Paint walls, ceilings and woodwork with our best-selling Bea or Ida for an enveloping feel. Delicate ballet pump-blush Maisie or the hint-of-coral Eddie create a sense of warmth but bring the light and airy feel of white paint.

Consider using two different paint colours for your living space, one lighter and one darker shade, like Aubrey and Arabella or Anders and Harper. Try painting the bottom half of walls with the darker shade to add depth and create a contrast with the lighter shade above to give the impression of a wider room. By opting for a lighter shade above, you’ll find the walls flow effortlessly into the ceiling.

Dark and encompassing shades like Leon, Sienna or Cole create a luxurious feel and the illusion of a bigger space by pushing out the boundaries of the walls. Accenting woodwork or periodic features like dado rails, coving and ceiling roses in paler colours is an easy way to make the room feel more spacious. Contrast dark hues with cornices and ceilings in softer shades like Elvis, Pixie or Bodhi.

Painting all four walls in a really bright shade can feel daunting. Instead, opt for a feature wall painted in an eye-catching colour that bounces light around the room, like turquoise Blake, minty Boone or beaming blue Luna. Add in accents of your chosen colour by painting woodwork and doors, unloved furniture or old home accessories.

If vibrant colours aren’t your style, try our collection of contemporary neutrals. Light taupe or greige (grey-toned beiges) work wonderfully in natural light, our muted Jaxon and natural Koby are ideal colour options for a space that attracts sunny rays. Choose a similar colour palette for your furniture and décor to create a contemporary space that comes alive in the sunlight.

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