How to keep your painted walls looking new

6 August 2020

Painting your walls can instantly transform your home to create a warm and inviting space for your family and friends. As time goes on, wear and tear happens in the home, including our painted walls; children with sticky fingers, scuff marks from moving furniture around and also everyday dust and debris. 

It’s handy to know how to take care of your painted walls after application to keep them looking newer, brighter and fresher for even longer! We’ve gathered our top tips on how to keep your walls looking new, from wiping away stains to how to avoid sun-faded paint.

Stains & marks

It’s best to catch stains when they’re new as they will be much easier to wipe away. From sticky fingers, crayon drawings, grease marks or mud splatters; our water-based paint formula easily wipes away stains with a damp cloth. A quick wipe over will instantly bring that newly painted look back to your walls!

Painthouse tip: Make sure to ring out your cloth so it’s just slightly damp. If your cloth is too wet, you may run the risk of creating water marks on your walls. 

Scuffs, scrapes & scratches

 It’s important to pay special attention to high traffic areas; hallways, kitchen spaces and kids rooms. If you find any scuffs, scrapes or scratches early, with the right treatment, you will get your walls back to looking as good as new! 

Wipe any debris or marks away with a slightly damp cloth like above. If any paint or plaster has been taken away, some multi-purpose filler may be required to fill the hole. Paint over the area with very thin coats of your original paint colour. Once dry, your walls will be gleaming.

How to avoid sun-faded paint

It’s inevitable that over time, the sun will naturally fade your paint and furniture, especially in areas that receive direct sunlight. One way to minimise sun damage to your decor is to invest in heavy, high quality blinds or curtains which help to block out the sun. 

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