How to bring colour to a rented home

26 September 2018

What can you do if you love the Painthouse collection and want to get in on the action, but you’re not allowed to paint your rented home? Here’s how to join the colour revolution without annoying your landlord and losing your deposit.

First things first, according to; ‘the landlord should redecorate the property every three years in the name of good practice’ - so if you’re in a long-term tenancy you could always ask your agents if you or they could redecorate using one of the stunning colours from our Neutrals range as many landlords prefer to keep a neutral palette.

Now for your burst of colour - just follow our tips.

What costs less than wallpaper, prints or posters? Our Painthouse tester tubesTry your favourite colour combo out by simply painting your colour on some artists thick acrylic paper (such as Daler Rowney system 3) and then frame them. Use picture mounts – found easily online – to make them look super-slick. The best thing about this idea is that you can quickly and cheaply change your wall decor when you get bored and want to try a new colour palette.

Want to achieve a bigger impact with more wall coverage? Bare canvas can be bought in a wide array of sizes online and is also easier to hang than traditional picture frames. You could hang varying sizes of canvas painted all in one colour, in different colour combinations or you could hang one large canvas and make a bold statement with some colour blocking.

Did we tell you that our paint goes on walls, ceilings and wood yet? So, get creative and paint your storage for an instant statement piece. The paint combination on these wardrobes could be applied to any two, three or four panelled stand-alone wardrobes, or even on chests of drawers. Choose different hues from one colour as shown here or choose contrasting colours for a pop art effect.

Similarly, you can create an impact with colour by painting wooden dining chairs around your table. One 750ml tin of paint should approx. cover 4 dining chairs in two coats. For more information on things to consider when painting different surfaces, such as unfinished wood, pre-painted or stained wood, click here.

Finally, get inventive. There is a wealth of unique shelving available out there which you can easily personalise with our versatile Painthouse paint and fill your walls with colour. Painting display cabinets, shelves and wooden picture frames is a brilliant way to inject some colour into a room and bring your personality into your rented home. 


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