Enjoy a stylish, safer home

With Painthouse fire-retardant paints, you can give your home much more than just a beautiful, stylish, contemporary look. Our elite collection of 28 hard-wearing, acrylic-based colours is tested to protect against the spread of fire, contain no harmful chemicals and is designed to help safe-guard your home and family.

How does it work?

In the event of direct contact with fire, Painthouse fire-retardant paint activates a complex chemical reaction between the properties contained within the formula to form a carbonised char (a bit like a charred piece of wood).

The char provides a protective insulation layer over walls and ceilings, reducing potential fire spread to other areas of the room and home; enhancing protection for you and your family. Being toxin-free, our fire-retardant paint won't release harmful chemicals into the environment either.

How should I apply fire-retardant paint?

Whether you use a brush, roller or spray gun, our fire-retardant paint glides over pre-painted areas, as well as brand-new interior walls and ceilings. No primer or base coat needed!

To upgrade the fire performance of new and previously painted surfaces (both water and solvent based), simply apply 2 coats of Painthouse fire-retardant paint.

Our fire-retardant colours look, feel and apply as easily as regular interior emulsion paint. Just like all Painthouse colours, our fire-retardant shades easily glide on walls, ceilings and wood, so you can paint woodwork, doors, bannisters, kitchen cupboards and old furniture!

Discover our fire-retardant paints

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  • Near Zero VOC
  • Smell Free
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Quick Dry